Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Winter 2010

The past couple weeks we've been so busy. My family came out to visit for my Grandpa Gibbs 90th birthday party. It was fun to spend time together as a family and visiting our extended family.

While we were at my grandparents we decided to help them out and put up their Christmas lights.

Happy 90th birthday Grandpa Gibbs, I love you and look forward to many more years :)

Adam, Janelle, Spencer, and Nicole at the birthday party.

A week or so later we got hit with a HUGE winter storm! It snowed over 6inches in a couple hours. It was crazy, we both got out of work early and pretty much everything in Logan closed down.

My car had no snow on it, then an hour later this is how much it had!

We played in the snow, and Eva loved it! Well...only for the first 15 min, then she got cold and wanted to come in.

The next week Chris was good enough to come to the Nutcracker with me :) He doesn't really like ballets, but its a Christmas classic!

We had a good time

I also went to my good friend Jaclyn's baby shower. She's having a little girl the end of January.

She got a lot of cute things for her new little baby! And it was the first time Janelle, Jaclyn, and I had all been together! It was nice to catch up.

Chris and I also went the the First Presidency Christmas devotional. The Conference Center was so beautiful and Christmasy :)

The lights on Temple Square were also really pretty, although it was pretty foggy.

We had two extra tickets so Janelle and her friend came with us

Chris, me, Barb, and Mike all on temple square.

This past weekend was Chris and my two year anniversary! I can't believe it's been two years, it seems like we just got married! We went to Park City for the weekend. We were going to go snowboarding, but the weather was horrible and there wasn't that much snow on the slopes. But we still had fun together

We went to dinner...

Walked around Park city...

And did a lot of shopping!!

This is where we stayed, the Canyons! It was so nice and Saturday was so beautiful, we rode the Gondola and could see all of Park City. It was such a great trip and was nice to relax and look back on the past two years. I love you Chris!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Race Day!

Chris and I signed up to run a 5K this weekend, it was our first race and we had a great time.

The top pic is before the race, and the one below is after, you can tell we look a little winded!

Janelle was in town so she decided to run with us, here we all our in our new shirts!

Just passed the finish line!

We had fun and look forward to doing more!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Fall Festivities 2010

This fall Chris and I have been having a lot of fun and staying busy. Chris is going to school full time and working part time, and I've been working full time, but we still find time to have fun together. Last weekend we went down to SLC to shop and visit friends. We had a great time, it was nice to get away for a little bit.

Here we are at the Gateway Mall

We played a little dress up :)

My good friend Jaclyn met us up in SLC to go shopping with me, and then we all went to dinner together. She's 6 1/2 months pregnant with her first, she's so cute pregnant! It was fun to get to see her since we don't get together very often anymore now that Chris and I moved to Logan.

While we were in SLC Chris and I also went to temple square. As we were there I heard someone say my name and I turned around and there was my old high school friend Shyann! We hadn't seen each other in over five years! She has two cute little kids and lives in South Carolina and happened to be visiting family that week! What a coincident that we ran into each other!

I love going to temple square, it's so peaceful and beautiful.

As we were driving back home from our little getaway I took some pictures of Sardine Canyon and the beautiful fall leaves.

Coming into Cache Valley...

You can kind of see the Logan temple standing out around the city.

The next weekend we went to this place called Little Bear Bottoms. It was really fun, we picked out our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, went on a spooky tractor ride, and did a corn maze!

Trying to find our way out of the corn maze...

On the tractor ride

Picking out my pumpkin

We even watched The Headless Horsemen while we were there. I love fall activities like these

To catch up a little bit.... During conference weekend my sister Janelle and her boyfriend Spencer came up to visit. We had a great time together and it was nice getting to know Spencer a little better.

We went out to dinner at one of our local favorites, Cafe Sabor.

And the next day we went hiking...

Janelle rock climbed....while I tried and slipped and fell partway down this waterfall! It was so scary, I got soaking wet and scratched up, but I kept going!

We finally got to the top and took a group photo with the camera on a rock, I'm surprised how well this pic even turned out!

Our little family

To continue to catch up, Chris and I have also gone to all the home football games this season. This game in particular was our favorite cause we beat BYU! It was such a great game, all the students rushed the field afterward, but of course my camera died and I couldn't take a pic of it.

I had to take a pic of the scoreboard just to show that it really did happen. First time in over 17 years!

It was a great game, see, even look how happy the guy behind us is!

ESPN was there capturing the moment...

But the victory was short lived, because a couple weeks later we played Hawaii and lost 45 to 7! Ya pretty embarrassing, not to mention it was POURING rain. So we left early.

A couple weeks earlier we went to Kalai's concert on USU campus. I first went to one of his concerts my freshman year at BYU and loved his music! So when I heard he was coming to Logan I of course wanted to go

So that's what we've been up to the past couple months.

Now, Halloween is this weekend, and since we dont have any kids and I couldn't resist dressing up our little dog Eva.

Doesn't she look so cute as a little bumble bee!

So maybe in the next year or two we'll have a kid to dress up, but until then... have a Happy Halloween!! We love you.